In-home Parties

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Want to host a party in your home?  Host an event at a restaurant, bar or church or someplace else?


In-home Girl's Night Out

Girl's Night Out, Bachlorette party, Wedding or Baby Shower, Date Night, Life Group, Holiday Party, Birthday Party, or just for fun...
it's a great way to connect with some of your besties!  Invite a few friends, have them bring some refreshments & snacks to share (or you can provide them, of course) and paint the night away.

Set up some tables & chairs, cover them with some plastic tablecloths or newspaper and we do the rest.
A minimum of eight painters is required for an in-home party.

Everyone should arrive 20 - 30 minutes before the scheduled painting time in order to mingle, get their refreshments, find their seat, and be ready to paint and chillax.

Paint & Sip at Restaurant/Bar

Payments for Coffee & Canvas or Paint & Sip in-home parties are made out to the hostess/party organizer.  The cost for each person ranges between $25 and $30 depending on number of attendees and location of your party.  The avenue of payment is up to the host/hostess of the party.  If you'd like for your painters to pay with credit card through my website, that is also available upon request.

Team-building Painting Party


In-home Paint Party

4H Group Paint Party


In-home Girl's Night Out


Painting Event at an area Landscaping Business


Church Small Group Painting Party